The thinking mans SRi, saving the best til last the East European cars.
Even your basic Corsa these days features a CD and power steering so those disgusting dealer specials are now just a fond or painful memory.
Back in the halcyon days, when watching ITV didnt make you want to throw a brick through the screen of your wood-effect ITT Trinitron 24in Colour set (ours was on castors too) to alleviate the drudgery of buying a base model car, the manufacturers (or.City, Merit, Popular ah yes.The poor little 1275cc A-Series plant offered 57bhp on a good day, and I can remember my dad giving it some beans on the M55 to Blackpool one summer.Naming a car after a TV franchise?So they went nicknames for truck stop prostitutes for the two lesser frightening rides: Oblivion and Nemesis.Down here, TVS lost out to Meridian broadcasting.Panda Italia 90 just check out those wheel trims!An apprenticeship in a large family Ford dealer was his first forray into the dark and seedy world of the motor trade.We professionally fit Door Glass and Windscreens to all vehicles at discounted prices.Looking back, it was dreadful, the fake wood on the dash and glovebox was about as convincing as your average Elvis tribute act and the striped nylon seats were as pleasing on the eye as staring at the sun!
No serious injuries were sustained, but a rear seat passenger was almost knocked out by an aftermarket pod speaker that came away from the parcel shelf part of the Metros exclusive additional equipment so I was told!
Im sure many of you up and down the land would go to sleep praying that your mum or dad would not buy the Champagne Beige.
Many of you may recall when the ITV network went through a massive shake up, Thames, TVS and TV-am including others lost their franchise licence to broadcast, TV-am became GM-TV while the legendary Thames became Carlton.And the first step on the ladder for budget concious motorists after a cheap car.The Manta Exclusive run-out model equally so, yet Vauxhall also did the Antibes based on the Nova, Astra and Cavalier with awful doom blue paintwork and a seat trim that looked worse than hessian wall paper, all topped off with some sexy brilliant white wheel trims.Vauxhall Cavalier Calibre though?The XR3 with.3 The breathless Escort Eclipse.It just goes to show how gullible car buyers used.Dealers would stop at nothing or use any topical event to sling on a set of wheel covers, bedeck the car with some side stripes, take an air saw to the roof, and fit a radio/cassette deck that would eventually munch slapper dating login and destroy any half.They all offered added misery when sitting in traffic on those long summer holiday drives to the coast, not even the crackly sound of BBC Radio One to take away the pain of looking at the the exposed painted metal inside the car oh, the horror!But to end another nostalic ramble, I recall hearing a tale about someone who owned a dealer edition Rover Metro who ran into the back of a stationary car at some speed.The Samara Flyte also was dressed up here in the UK, but with truly awful quality, the Skoda Rapid convertible hailed from a specialist coachmaker in Kent, and dare I say it, a fine looking car too.