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The stretcher is adorned with different flowers including roses, jasmine, and marigolds; the body itself is almost completely covered with flowers.Funeral service vehicles may be equipped with light bars and special flashers to increase their visibility on the roads.If the decedent served in a branch of the Armed forces, the casket may be covered with a national flag.Wetherby Funeral Home 402 Wildwood Ave.The relatives and the authorities are informed of the death and a death certificate is issued.
The guests are seated, with the next of kin closest to the front.
The law gives a funeral procession the right-of-way over all other vehicles, except emergency vehicles, when it is going to a place of burial.
The law prohibits any vehicle not part of a funeral procession from driving between or interfering with a funeral procession.
Funeral lead vehicles must have an amber or purple light or lens or alternating flashing headlamps.
The law gives the procession the right-of-way, except it must yield to emergency vehicles.Grave Matters: A Journey Through the Modern Funeral Industry to a Natural Way of Burial.Some graves may also have a box for business cards, where friends and relatives visiting the grave can drop their business card, informing the caretakers of the grave of the respects the visitors have paid to the deceased.Mourners traditionally make a tear in an outer garment either before the funeral or immediately after.The repetition of 'three' is common where people at the funeral may brush their hair three times or spit three times before leaving the funeral to ward off bad luck.Tombstone in the "new Jewish section" of Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta,.The use of a web-camera allowed relatives who could not otherwise attend services to do so from any computer.Zoroastrianism believes that fire is sacred and should not be defiled by cremating a human body.States with laws granting right-OF-WAY, states with Laws Concerning Right-of-Way at Intersections.The Michigan courts have apparently defined place of burial to include the procession to both the place where the services are conducted and the cemetery.The other vehicles in the procession can then follow the police officer, regardless of the traffic signal.This type of ceremony is often closed to the public, and one may only go to the funeral if he or she was invited.Mail vehicles, and physicians' vehicles have the right-of-way through a procession.Symbolically, this gives the mourners closure as they observe the grave being filled.

In many traditions, a meal or other gathering often follows the burial service.
Primitive Greeks were buried in places prepared for burial purposes within their own homes.