The release of the Broadcast by the forces of hell, via Nixon, caused the collapse of the American federal government.
Stander is the biopic of a South African cop during The Apartheid Era, who after participating in the crackdown on the Soweto uprising in 1976 during which he kills an unarmed young black man, becomes disgusted with himself and his society.
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Dick Stensland is a drunken thug who beats up unarmed prisoners on the basis of escalating rumors that they hurt some cops and deals in heroin denver escorts back on the side.
In the sequel, alternate timeline Biff gloats that he owns the police in response to Marty threatening to go to them.
Otherwise however, the police officers are nice and honest people and only act criminal because it's the only way they can save their station.Fallout 4 essentially expands on the Institute and the Brotherhood, with the potential to recreate the early United States with the help of the Commonwealth Minutemen (centered around Boston).Radio craze of the mid-1970s, several country music songs played on the theme of corrupt highway patrolmen (and the then-prevailing 55-mph speed limit using masquerades to lure unsuspecting truck drivers into speed traps.Ashes to Ashes Series 2 was a complete arc about the fight between Hunt and various corrupt Met officers such as looking for sex on tinder Mac, which doesn't end with Mac's death part way through the series.This is still a sore subject in many places.Tends to split in half in terms of political candidates.

There is also a Mohawk nation straddling the former US-Canada border.
Rather inevitable in the Sequel Series to Fear, Loathing and Gumbo on the Campaign Trail '72.