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The cost of an average consumer goods basket per head of population is 5,691 rubles, including 5,877 rubles for able-bodies population, 5,057 rubles for pensioners and 6,085 rubles for children.
PenzaNews, buy the photo, the sum was established by the regional government decree.
According to the document, the copy of which was given to news agency PenzaNews, the level of the subsistence minimum for able-bodied population is 6,597 rubles, for pensioners 5,057 rubles, and for children 6,085 rubles.
The level of the subsistence minimum per head of population for the third quarter of 2013 is 6,118 rubles.Over 800 prostitutes registered in police in Penza region.The Taiwanese company reported operating results for the first quarter of 2013 Wednesday, suggesting some softness in results may be in store when Apple reports quarterly results on April read » And China is more tortoise than rabbit (though we know who wins the race.Definition: A, as a prefix to English words, is derived from various sources.(1) It frequently signifies on or in (from an, a forms.On denoting a state, as in afoot, on foot, abed, amiss, asleep, aground, aloft, away (AS.Onweg and analogically, ablaze, atremble, etc.Of off, from, as in adown (AS.Ofd 81ne off the dun).#18 Partners in Crime escorts stillwater ok Best Friends Bracelets We all have that one friend we know is bad for.
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