escorted synonym and antonym

When he drove out his escort consisted of a couple of Cossacks.
And now, escorted safari holidays may I have the honor of asking you to accept the escort.A man who is the companion of a woman, especially on a social occasion.One or more warships or planes used to defend or protect other craft from enemy attack.Protection or guidance on a journey.( as modifier an escort agency.Aircraft assigned to protect other aircraft during a mission.Whom Defarge escorted to the top of the stairs, and, leaving seated there, returned.A person or persons accompanying another or others for protection, guidance, or courtesy.He escorted her in a manner and with a manner which made that walk a sort of royal progress.
Moriarty continued the bombardment, as she escorted him to the door of the flat.
Three young ladies of Haverhill went to see it, escorted.
Cassidy to our gallery.
Images Illustrations of escorted, discuss these escorted synonyms with the community: Use the citation below to add these synonyms to your bibliography.Dinney and Hunkie escorted Gloria to the end of the street and back.A person, often a prostitute, who is hired to spend time with another as a companion.Thus the battery was left with no other escort than thirty sappers."Your escort was accepted because you were the first to offer it said Halbert.

A combatant unit(s) assigned to accompany and protect another force or convoy.
A fifty gun ship and a frigate, which escorted them, escaped.