escort x50 intl (euro)

Based on high experience and success in USA, together with European partners Escort develops radar detection systems specifically for use in Europe.
Detects mrcd and mrct gatso.Detectors made for USA and other markets do not function properly in Europe.Our detectors have full 1 year warranty.Escort 9500iX intl (Euro) 649,-, gPS-iga radaripüdja.Escort 8500Ci Plus other words for a male escort intl (EUR) 1059.Avastab Multaradar CD fetime EU speed camera database.Escort 9500ci intl (Euro) mrcd 1590.Escort redline EX Euro/Intl 655,-, all new 2018.
Protects from rain and water when detector used on motorcycle.
Detects Multaradar CD/CT, invisible to RDD, aDD TO cart.
Best portable undetectable detector 100 invisible to all RDD, aDD TO cart, genevo One M 739.
Sisseehitatav radaripüdja millel kõik lisad peal.
Our dedication to honing cutting edge technology has been rewarded with numerous industry honors and we are proud to be among the most respected in the industry.
Kui Sa ostad Escort Euro mudeli, võid olla kindel,et see reageerib kõikidele radaritele mida kasutatakse Euroopas ning selle prostitution entrapment laws ümbruses.
Veekindel korpus Redline/STI 29,-, veekindel korpus Escort Redline-le.ADD TO cart, direct Smart Wire Kit 34,-, to power your detector without monopolizing your cigarette lighter, with mute button.Aastast tehti spetsiaalselt Euroopasse Euro mudel.May not work with 9500iX as it has GPS antenna on top.Lõpuks perfektselt Euroopa jaoks kohandatud.Founded in 1978, Escort Radar has a long history of leading technology in radar and laser detection.ADD TO cart Sticky Cup mount 34,- Very stable mounting option for all Escort windshield detectors (not for Escort MAX).True Lock valealarmi filter.Free lifetime database updates!Escort Radar on kogenud laser -ja radartehnoloogia arendaja aastast 1978.Vale alarmi filtrid, hoiatab ette kiiruskaameraid.