Guide to show somebody the way to a place, often by going with them; to show somebody a place that you know well:She guided us through the busy streets.
The Sun (2015)He was brought to prison under police escort and taken to the reception area.
Security personnel escorting the buses retaliated and prevented any civilian casualties.In it she plays Kat, a woman who discovers that the best man at her sister's wedding is an old boyfriend and, rather than arrive without a man, hires a male escort to be her date.The Sun (2011) Stewards on the flight from Barcelona sparked panic when they announced police were boarding to escort the woman away before take-off.Upon arrival at the airport, the group is escorted directly onto the airstrip in order to avoid the crowds.He left the village under police escort."Your escort was accepted because you were the first to offer it said Halbert.Several fans were escorted from the ground.Coyle, Andrew Stern, Vivien The Prisons We Deserve (1994)Should we hire guards or escorts for the parking lot?All the injured were taken to York District Hospital by four ambulances with police motorbike escorts.
He was running an escort agency as an economic sideline, and he seemed to be looking for women who understood what they were getting into.
The roads weren't safe - every supply convoy needed an armed escort.
This can be anything from escorting a child to the toilet, tending to them if they are taken ill, or working with groups of pupils at breaks or lunchtime.
Thus the battery was left with no other escort than thirty sappers.
Lieutenant Wynter brought these back, as an escort to the guns.Soldiers escorting the truck returned fire, killing the assailants, the army said.The Sun (2017)Some smiled and waved from the coaches as they were swept off under police escort to small short-term processing centres in the four corners of France.While they are both involved in court security duties, neither has since been involved in escorting prisoners.As modifier an escort agency, to keep the family off his back, Rahul hires an escort to pose as his new-found fiancée.(originally denoting a body of armed men escorting travellers from French anna russian escort escorte (noun escorter (verb from Italian scorta, feminine past participle of scorgere to conduct, guide, based on Latin ex- out of corrigere set right (from cor- together regere guide).Extra examples A local man escorted.We were guided around the her (rather formal) to politely take or show somebody where they should go, especially within a building:She ushered her guests to their seats.A police escort mass noun he was driven away under armed escort.Christianity Today (2000) Real elephants sometimes wandered the camp paths and a guard escorted us home after dark.Verb verb, brE BrE/skt/ ; NAmE NAmE/skrt verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they escort.It said a group quickly gathered to block the vehicle, and military escorts present did little to intervene.As the guards were escorting him from the station he refused to leave.

One day he would be keeping the thugs in order on a football special; the next he might be escorting a member of the royal family from the royal train.