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Im wondering what these mean.The Red Army invaded Finland, and despite overwhelming numerical superiority, was initially driven back by a combination of weather, inhospitable geography, and brilliant tactics by the Finns that included unconventional ways to combat Soviet armor.Perhaps surprisingly, not very.The term is obviously an eponym, but I had never read the whole story.3 4, the word gigolo may be traced to a first usage in English as a neologism during the 1920s as a back-formation from a French word, gigolette, a woman hired as a dancing partner.These are passed around the 1, 562, rS owners frequently, when one of them forgets to garage his car - another owner promptly steals the spoiler and puts it on his car.2, contents, origins edit.RS, turbo spoilers left in Britain.
For other uses, see, gigolo (disambiguation).
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" Gigolo " - 1981 dance single released by R B singer Mary Wells Gigolo Aunts - American power pop band, formed in 1981 by Steve Hurley, Dave Gibbs, Phil Hurley, and Paul Brouwer " Gigolo " - 1987 single by The Damned "Gigolo".
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Sorry if I missed some letters; English is not my primary language.
Billy Bob or, bubba.A, cletus safari is the kind of news article in which the writer makes an expedition from some enclave of sophisticationNew York City, let's sayto go talk to the exotic folk out in the hinterlands to get their take on an issue of interest.Many gifts such as expensive clothing and an automobile to drive may be lavished upon him.The term gigolo usually implies a man who adopts a lifestyle consisting of a number of such relationships serially, rather than having other means of support.But to my mind, Cletus safari is also a disparaging term, namely toward the journalists who write these sorts of pieces.N law ) usciere m ; ( in theatre, cinema ) maschera ; ( at wedding ) valletto che accompagna gli ospiti ai loro posti.Escort RS Turbo unknown, a car driven by a rich chav, or a thief.I havent heard, cI used this way personally its more commonly used to mean confidential informant (snitch) on cop shows but I have heard what's whore in spanish the similar abbreviation.CIB in butt (anal sex).Cletus Del Roy Spuckler in, the Simpsons.These are with out doubt the greatest Front wheel drive turbo charged cars every made by anyone.Nathan says: that rs turbo is the best car in the world.

In the latter part of the nineteenth century, particularly after the scandalous murder case known in Paris as the Pranzini Affair, the term gigolo took on connotations of the exotic, foreign male whose company and affections could be purchased by well-to-do French women.
It was based on the novel "Cliente" by Josiane Balasko Spread (2009) - American sex comedy film directed by David Mackenzie, starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche.