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It weighs 7 pounds and comes with a 23-inch barrel.
p /p strong Price: Check out all the a turkey gear for 2014.
We hunt him in the spring when hes love sick and most vulnerable, and in the fall, when he and she are just out there somewhere.Adjustable fiber optic sights, a 14-inch length-of-pull, and an easily-accessible top thumb safety make this auto-loader the perfect tool to ruin the morning of turkeys around the country.The smart Valve gas piston ensures reliable follow-up shots and lighter felt recoil.Escort PS, escort PS SLG, escort camo combo, escort slug auto.Adding the option of an optical sight is a cinch on the Escort since the receiver sports a full-length Picatinny rail.We also insist on a gun made just for turkey hunting, one with specialized features that have no use in the duck marsh or the pheasant fields.Thanks to a compact 24-inch barrel and comfortable weight of just.6 pounds, you can swing on a silent strutter before he can take another step.The rear sight is fully adjustable for elevation and windage, which is essential for adjusting the center of the pattern to the point-of-aim in a turkey gun.
p /p strong Price: /strong 669 h2 Escort Turkey Tactical /h2 a certainly got the name right when they called their turkey shotgun the a target blank" Turkey Tactical /a.
In addition to the turkey tube, the Escort comes with C, IC, M, IM and F tubes as well.
p /p Mossy Oak Obsession camouflage and a synthetic stock not only help you hide better, they help you hunt in the most extreme conditions without worry.
Legacys Escort 12-gauge self-loading gun smooths out heavy-duty shotshells.
Escort raider, escort BM12, escort gladius MPA20.
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Black chrome coatings inhibit corrosion from wet spring weather and Mossy Oak Obsession helps you hide from the most wary longbeards in your woods.He is a big bird and hes fastcapable of doing 25 mph on his feet and 55 mph in the air.h2 Benelli SuperNova /h2 The a href"m name has always been synonymous with reliability and quality.Personally, I favor high-visibility, open sights should I have to take a quick shot at a flying or wounded bird.Fortunately, there are some great turkey head and neck targets available like the Champion brand VisiColor targets pictured here that clearly illuminate hits in the red, lethal zone.p /p Complete with the security of a T/C lifetime warranty and the freedom to convert the gun into a rifle or muzzleloader simply by changing barrels, this turkey gun will be silencing the spring woods for generations.Escort Turkey Extreme Features: Realtree AP Camo Pattern.p /p The stock has a cut-out that holds two shells and is fitted with a low-density recoil pad.p /p The turkey version also comes with an InvectorPlus extra-full turkey choke for more killing power at longer ranges.For varmint shooting, theres also a rail on the bottom of the forearm just begging for a big, red, night-light.

These grip panels look great and are strategically placed to give you the wet weather grip you need to control your shot.
Hope springs eternal in a wild turkey hunter!
Overall Length: 44, weight:.4 pounds, finish: Realtree.