1, another Ford RS200 was crashed by Swiss Formula One driver.
The front suspension and steering gear were differently configured and the japan tokyo escort brakes were fitted with dual hydraulic circuits; also the wheels fitted on the Genk-built Escorts had wider rims.
This engine had originally been developed for the Lotus Elan.Most owners add a sports exhaust and induction kit.Initially this featured a tuned version of the.6 L CVH engine fitted with a twin-choke Weber carburettor, uprated suspension and numerous cosmetic alterations.Bosch Motronic engine management system and fuel injection.These RS cars certainly looked the part, but were actually powered by the same.0-litre engine as the rest of the local Escort range, and available with a choice of manual or automatic transmission.For 1980, all Ghia models gained standard alloy wheels.In particular, when cruising around the 2500 rpm mark it would feel a little rough from time to time, and when the 4000 rpm point was reached under acceleration, there was plenty of induction roar from the twin choke Weber carbie.
The four-speed gearbox had a sporty short throw and engaged gears positively, giving the driver utmost confidence.
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Behind the Wheel, the RS2000 was available as either a four-door, where the width of the front door openings was skimped in order to provide space for the rear doors, or as simply a two-door (with much bigger door openings).
Panel-van versions catered to the commercial sector.In September 1993, the Orion name was dropped, with the saloon taking on the Escort badge.A b Minnis, Peter (May 1982).And if it was flicked into a turn the tyres at the rear seemed to let go momentarily, especially if a touch too much throttle was used.Base and L trims were offered to the end of the Mk I run.This tiny engine remained popular in Italy, where it was carried over for the Escort Mark II, but in France it was discontinued during 1972.Deutsche Autos 19451990, Band (vol) 3 (in German).

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Not wanting to abandon Group B or simply "write off" the cost of developing the failed 1700T, executives decided to make use of the lessons learned developing that vehicle in preparing a new, purpose-built rally car.