Most first-gen Escorts were powered.1L and.3L versions of Ford's familiar crossflow design.
Top left: Filter King fuel filter.
The Rally Sports weren't intended for high volume production, but enough cars were produced that they weren't rare either.
Naturally, racers soon began asking "Why not bore this block out to 2 liters?Switches (left to right battery disconnect, fuel pump, ignition, starter (pushbutton lights, and wipers.Alfa Romeo Type 33 V8 286 (137) 2000cc dohc, Chiti design, 1967.Is Opawa, Christchurch, New Zealand specializes in Ford Escorts.) Lockheed brake and clutch master cylinder fluid reservoirs.Options FOR typearbox competition USE Straight-cut close ratio gearset, fits on standard mainshaft.A Monte Carlo bar spans and braces between the two MacPherson strut towers.
70deg V8, OHV Fiat Twin Cam 272 (199) four cyl, from Fiat 128 Folan V-twin 95 (228) w/everything but the carb Footwork/Porsche FA12 396 (76) F1 V12 Ford Model A four 475 (225) Ford 1600 Kent OHV 260 (234) Ford 1600 CVH 282 (49) government prostitution (US.
Power: 115hp (DIN) @ 6500rpm.
Sparco suede covered steering wheel.
16-valve Cosworth BDA cylinder head.
Case with integral coolant pump Jerico 68 4 speed manual (145) mag.
The team's one-two finish was an especially remarkable feat considering that 120 cars were entered in this truly international-class rally!
Again, we have found with many customer gearboxes in for a rebuild, they have the standard gear ratios and not as they thought the 'Rocket' ratios fitted.The Escort was remarkably successful: both in sales and as a rally car.Ford finally introduced a 4-door version in 1969.AMC 6 500 (early design six - 199).The other box went to Ford in Germany for evaluation apparently.Long, level Panhard rod and its attachment to the body (at left).Escorts placed first, third, fifth, sixth and eighth.ATS.5L GP V8 247 (137) dohc, Chiti design, 1966.This allows clutchless changes.

Starter, no clutch or flywheel) Pontiac L4  350  Iron Duke, Tech IV Pontiac Tempest slant 4 470 Pontiac sohc 6  450 Pontiac sohc 6  550  (100) Pontiac 389 V8  650 Pontiac 389 V8  590  (1) 59) Pontiac 301 V8  452 Pontiac 301 V8  451  complete.