The two Redline displays are identical in size but the EX screen is required to display four times as much data.
The purchase of a new radar detector can now be spread out over thirteen payments.
Unfortunately, this frequency is used by a considerable number of police radar guns.The four primary buttons are faux-aluminum and reflect annoying mirror images into the windshield when the sun is out.Overall Best Detector Available at, any, price!Please Call Us:, avoid Your Next Speeding Ticket!At the far left is the Overspeed Alert speed, factory-set at 70 mph.Review Summary, pro, extensive feature set, superb windshield mount.Spec mode the Max 360 can be set to numerically display radar frequencies, in gigahertz, brothel creepers band neath for both front and rear antennas.Apparently another really bad idea.
One big name Vendor sold charged me for one; guess what, didn't show up and no word.
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The small screen is densely packed with images and tiny text, much of the data being of dubious value.Most of the EX feature set likewise is borrowed from the Max 360 and Passport.Rating: 5 of 5, featured on msnbc and The Speed Channel as the definitive Radar Detector Experts "As I figure everyone interested in the Uniden R3 is aware, it was touch and go for a bit as far as getting one; in and out.Although fairly dripping with potential, much of that remains unrealized by unfortunate design choices and iffy execution.Escort, redline (left) and, redline, eX, when the, escort, redline was rolled out in 2007 it claimed our record for the longest radar range14-plus miles under perfect conditions.The upper housing is also festooned with large white graphics, which similarly cast reflections into the windshield.A mini-USB jack on the side of the case links the detector to a PC for Internet access and updates to its camera database and firmware.Next to that is the sensitivity mode and during alerts, radar frequency, a signal-strength bargraph or the digital frequency.By default the feature is disabled and the detector scans from.950.250 GHz.

To control K-band false alarms some competing models allow the user to set speed thresholds for the onset of audible alertsthe Radenso XP and Pro M, for example.
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So I ordered the New Escort Passport." Craig Riggs - Longwood,.