However, like yourself I have cable terminating skills, tools and parts so would rather just crimp a new RJ whaterever end Escort has decided they used on the smart cable than spend.95 plus shipping for something I don't need.
However if you are usind a CAT4 cable then you are still looking at the middle to wires for the power and groung but now they are pins 3 and.
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Radar Detector Pin, name, radar Detector Pin, number.The 2nd pair straddles the first at 2 5 on RJ12, 1 4 on RJ11.Webmaster permission required in any other cases.Pin, number, pin, name, description.D0 - data 2, mute button (in) 3, gND - power 4 12V power 5, alert, lED (out) 6, d1 data, this page contain parts under Copyright by team.The Alert output signal may require a driver transistor to light an LED.Comment from Paul Gardner, i think where the power lines are all depends on what you are usind as the cord if you are using a standard telephone cable (rj11) with the 4 connectors I think you have the correct diagram.No portion of this webpage may be reproduced in any form without providing visible html link.Cable guy and he dropped a few off the next day.
Home from the trip I went to repair the cable, clipped the broken end off and trashed.
MTX Series, rJ-11 Connector dollar;49.99msrp, p/N: MTX-1010 10 long 1 Year, warranty.
If you are unable to use a voltmeter we recommend taking your vehicle to an auto stereo install shop.
I don't want to crack open the X50 and reverse eng.
Description, lED 1 - 1, lED 12VDC In - 470-Ohn - Power LED- Detector - Alert LED - 2N3904 - 680k - Ground 10k - Pin 2 12 2 VDC Positive, gND 3 - 3, gND, ground.
Oops emptied the trash last night.
MTX Series "Power Up" Your Radar Detector By tapping Into Your Rear View Mirror's Wire Harness.The MirrorTap is constructed of 24 gauge wire with a 2 amp inline fuse and a black braided flexible sleeve.Patented, design, made in USA, compatible Radars: Escort, Beltronics, Valentine One, Uniden R1/R3/DFR7, Radenso XP/SP.So, ya, mine broke (retainer clip bent backwards) when I took it on a trip while helping a friend move his family.About MirrorTap, no More coiled cigarette lighter power cords.Tbnxt, This thread is a good idea, but still missing the one piece of info people of like mind could be looking for.Mute 4 - 4, mute, remote Mute - Use N/O Switch - Terminate after switch with 470-Ohm.There is a report that local escorts northern ireland 12v is at pin.

Direction, wires Pin, number, wires Pin, name.
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