In one test, physicists used an extremely low powered radar launceston brothel gun to test sensitivity.
Passport Max retails for 549.95 and is available factory direct.
Passport Max reported every gun, every signal, escort cosworth vs focus st to more than fifteen miles (standard detector testing for the SML range ends at nine miles as detectors predictably cannot pick up such weak test signals).
Drivers can choose up to four different colors for displaying critical driving information such as posted speed limits, over speed alerts, driving speed and more.Passport Max reports with an accuracy that exceeds any other technology ever driven.To determine how far passport Max could alert, SML engineers used the longest physical distance on the range.Added: User Mode setting to match type used by the passport Max radar laser detector.By designing passport Max around advanced military high speed digital signal processing (DSP) technology, escort engineers have given passport Max the ability to search for threats fifty times faster than any other radar detector.Passport Max also features a new high definition oled (organic LED) multi-color graphics display.Not intended for use outside North America.This new level of selectivity, or intelligent signal analysis, is similar to the dramatic performance increase seen in forensics when technicians moved from fingerprint readings to the science of DNA analysis.For more information about escort Live and the new passport Max HD radar detector, visit m or call.
This dramatic increase in speed delivers a corresponding leap in detection capability and range.
Passport Max filters the true alerts, those from radar guns, from unwanted false alerts, such as automatic door openers and motion sensors, that competitor radar detectors cry 'wolf' to over and over again.
Setting new records for longest range, fastest response time and greatest sensitivity, passport Max displayed the best performance that SML had ever witnessed.
In an advanced new product test overseen by the category's leading authority, Speed Measurement Labs (SML passport Max established three new benchmarks for the detector category.
Passport Max establishes never before seen performance levels for radar and laser ticket protection.
Additionally, high speed military DSP enables the passport Max to process signals with more than an order of magnitude increase in measured selectivity.
Escort holds more than 85 of all prostitutes in auckland active category patents and manufactures products under the escort, passport, redline, solo, beltronics and Pro Series brands.Passport Max simply reported alerts from the longest distance ever tested.Escort Live helps customers drive smarter by dramatically increasing overall knowledge of their driving environment through threat and information sharing among networked drivers."passport Max is the new best-in-class performance with record measured alert speed, record measured range and record measured selectivity for superior performance.".Computer must have an active Internet connection.Typically, detectors do not see this source beyond the one mile mark but passport Max reported the same source from beyond seven miles!"As the category innovator, we simply keep pushing radar detector technology to new performance standards - passport Max establishes a completely new level of driving awareness and protection said Tim Coomer, escort Product Development Vice-president.The escort Live app essentially turns your smartphone into a radar detector by using real-time, cloud-based threat and information sharing among millions of app users in the network.Passport Max 'sees' the DNA of every received signal, a technology that no other detector possesses.(Operating on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 only.).