The Stingers laser jammer heads are smaller than the ALP, about the size of a dime, and they even offer ridiculously tiny fiber heads that are only.6mm wide so theyre easy to conceal and almost impossible to spot.
If you live in Canada, youll need to order them from Alex.
Youll also get notified of what gun you get shot with when you get shot.During normal business hours you can call our toll free number, or use the chat function on our site to speak with one of our countermeasure experts.Review Summary: The Uniden R1 provides extreme range and Escort Redline-like performance.Best Suited for: Highway and/or City Use, retail Price: 429.95, radarBusters' Sale Price: 399.95.Similar to the 550 Escort Redline, the Uniden R3 is undetectable by the Spectre RDD and provides excellent K-band rejection from today's collision avoidance systems.
If you want to know what the best jammer is, its the ALP.
Find out how the AntiLaser Priority compares to the best laser jammers of 2016.
It also comes with some of the additional accessories you need like the GPS antenna for low speed muting and the Radar/GPS (RG) module to plug the antenna into the ALP while the other antennas require you to purchase the accessories separately at an additional.
K40 Defuser Optix is using last gen hardware that also doesnt have the ability to jam the latest guns out there either.
Prices vary in different areas, but ALPs are region locked so theyre different if you buy them in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc.
Its for this reason that proper installation is key and testing is important.Well theyve been tested very thoroughly by this point.As far as their effectiveness is concerned, they are good at jamming both the older easier guns and the newer tougher guns.At only 399, this detector offers an exceptional value at a savings of 150 to 250 over Escort's top performing detectors, making it one of the very best values available.The main reason you may choose investing into a concealed radar detector is that they such radar detectors are hidden from view, reducing the chance of theft or discovery by a traffic enforcement officer.Pros: All-Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for extreme range performance Exceptional at detecting instant-on police radar Good Traffic Safety Rejection (TSR) filtering best Anti-Collision Sensor Rejection filtering Escort Live!A: You can look here to see if they are.Ive had it installed in my car for a few years now.It prostitution police raid has the same.5 times the capture distance of a police radar gun and is our pick for the best performing detector under 200.Other than that, the ALPs are the ones to go for.Requires TSR to reduce falses which reduces performance on K and Ka bands Does not come with USB to Mini-D cable Best Suited for : Highway Use Price: 599.95 - RadarBusters' Sale Price: 569.95 Rank #4: Passport Max 360 Best Seller!This meant for a less visible install and also made it easier to install the jammer heads in grills where the LIs were too large to fit.Stinger uses separate transmitters/receivers so while each head is smaller, you have twice as many of them.