escort max 360 c international

Escort first introduced this EZ Mag mount in the thule escort 2 daypack Escort iX, then they used it for the Redline EX, and now its available on the Max 360c as well.
Design-wise, I think the new detector looks pretty good, but Ive never been a fan of silver or gray in a detector because it reflects in the windshield too easily.
SpecDisplay 5 Levels of Brightness with Full Dark Mode.
The Max 360c is always scanning all of K or Ka band, even when band segmentation is used.Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi integration is the main new thing.Lets start off this Max 360c review by talking about WiFi.The purchase links in this review are affiliate links so I do make a percentage when you purchase and thats a way that you can support me and what I do if you find my reviews helpful.Design, im used to the arrows being around the rear horn on the original Max360 and its a little weird at first seeing the arrows wrap all around the display, but you get used to that quickly.Its a special magnetic mount that is super easy to attach and remove, plus it holds in place very well when youre driving.The Max360c isnt bad in this regard, but its up to you to decide if not bad is good enough for the most expensive windshield mount radar detector on the market and if all the other features that it offers makes up for this.For example, the lockouts are automatic instead of manual, the display brightness can adjust automatically instead of manually, the detector feels more substantial and solid, it adds arrows to help locate the threat, you can program your detector through your phone, it has cloud integration.Differences Between the Max360 and Max 360c.
Finally, a big thank you to Escort for being so helpful and open here at the show!
Comments, specifications, radar receiver / detector type, dual Antenna with Dual LNA Receiver.
Escort even has a history of banning users off their forum for reporting issues so that combined with the fact that they generally only release a few updates in the beginning and then let their detectors languish eventually, this is really just something thatll.
The updates that WiFi would give you are helpful, but the real world benefits are limited.
On iOS it wouldnt work as well.
This is a cool feature and I think its cool to drive around knowing that your detector is always going to automatically be up to date.For me, I prefer the R3s superior performance and how well Uniden listens to their customers in terms of implementing useful features and fixing bugs.699 respectively you can get the Max360 quite a bit cheaper on Amazon while the Max360c is only available direct from Escort for full price.I use this all time time when traveling to give my laptop an internet connection, for example.Purchase the Uniden R3 here.AntiLaser Priority laser jammer can do automatic firmware updates over Bluetooth, but its firmware update files are much much smaller.Here in the US, its not necessary.