The Passport Max 2 managed to detect that radar signal even though the truck was blocking the line-of-sight between the detector and the patrol car.
On the Road Performance, over hundreds of miles of city and highway driving, I found the Passport Max2 did indeed silence false alerts.
In one 10 minute stretch of driving on city streets, the Passport Max 2 got seven hits, some duplicates, of both K and X band, which I assume were errant signals bouncing around the buildings.Stick the suction-cup mount to the windshield, and insert the power cord and run it down to the car's power point.I found it a little confusing that pushing the button twice would cancel a stored false alert location.While the Passport Max 2 detects laser, that type of speed measurement is instantaneous, so the detector won't be able to alert you before your speed has been recorded.The Escort Passport Max 2 includes GPS and a smartphone app.You can also set the detector to tell you verbally to slow down should you exceed a limit of your choosing.The database maintains those signal hits for one hour after they've been reported.One promise of the Passport Max2 is that it wont besiege you with false chirps and alarms.Escorts Passport Max2 radar detector is an excellent early warning system when theres no one else aroundand it can be supplemented with additional crowdsourced warnings from an app.
When reporting laser hits, the Passport Max2 emits a loud, electronic phasers-on-stun-like burst that certainly gets your attention.
Digital voice and audio tone alerts for radar, laser, and POP.
If you want more, the detector does have built-in Bluetooth to pair with a smartphone so you can use the Escort Live app, available for iOS and, android.
Lows, expensive, non-standard power cord).
The only question is whether, with other free apps available, its worth.95 a year to get updates.Research Center: Escort Passport Max2, no one likes getting a speeding ticket, which is why there are crowdsourced apps like Waze that warn you of police locations.On the road, the Passport Max 2 sounded off with a noisy alert for every radar hit it got, similar to radar detectors of old.Editor's note: This review has been updated to include mention of the Escort Passport Max 2's ability to eliminate repeated false radar detection hits.And I like red-light camera warnings primarily because they indicate that theres a particularly dangerous intersection ahead.Brand new: lowest price 525.00.05 Shipping, get it by Tue, Sep 11 - Mon, Oct 8 from Keyport, New Jersey.The radar detector covers the major frequencies used by law enforcement: X-band, K-band, Ka-band, and laser.Escort solves that problem with the Passport Max 2, integrating Bluetooth connectivity into this next-generation radar detector.Traditionally, drivers would simply learn where barcelo san jose prostitutes a neighbors garage or a car dealerships security would set off a radar detector and just ignore.Hit it once to mute the current warning or tap it three times to store the location as a false alert.

Theres no question it saved me from if not a ticket at least an uncomfortable stop or two.
Escort informs me that the Passport Max 2 incorporates learning behaviors to eliminate false hits, using its GPS to determine if a radar signal always comes from the same location.