Rubber butt pad for recoil absorption 3 stock spacers to best rated sex dating site extend stock length of pull.
Whenever a cartridge is in the escort san jose chamber and the safety is "OFF" the firearm is ready to fire.(26) * Bolt cocking handle is secret coded to prevent falling risk.In such a case, the choke must be tightened, by means of the choke wrench, to the end again.Black anodized air craft alloy receiver with 11mm groove for scope mounts.Available barrel lengths: 18/46cm, 20/51cm, 22/55cm, 24/61cm, 26/66cm, 28/71cm and 30/76cm.Always keep this manual with your firearm.
Never shoot at sounds.
Care, cleaning AND lubrication.
Your Escort semi auto shotgun, like other semi auto shotguns, feed the next round from the magazine tube into the cartridge chamber each time you fire.
Keeping fingers away from the ejection port and the path of the bolt cocking handle, depress the bolt release button to close the bolt (10) Or, again keeping fingers away from the ejection port and the path of the bolt cocking handle, simply disengage the.
Remove the fore-end cap and fore-end washer from the magazine tube.
Keep the safety "ON" even when using the magazine cut-off button, until you are ready to shoot.
The result is expressed as a percentage.Engage the magazine cut-off button by depressing.Materials and equipment necessary for cleaning and lubrication; Cleaning rod Cotton bore patches Brass bore brush Powder solvent Small soft brush Good quality gun oil After use, to remove any powder and lead residue in the bore, scrub the barrel and chamber using the bore.Follow the instructions in the "unloading section" and unload the firearm completely.USE OF THE "chokes" There are two types of chokes that can be used on your firearm:.(7) Slide the fore-end over the magazine tube until it completely seats around the barrel-receiver magazine tube assembly and until fore-end cap threaded post protrudes.