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1 ring deflection shot then I had to break off as I was blacking out.I replied that I could not and continued on the same course for about two minutes, then turning hard to starboard with the intention of bouncing any Bosche who might have been split up by 611 Sqdn.Boy I wish there was a simple answer to that because it really depends.I always recommend saving your locations before doing any updates, just incase of a problem.I then followed them in a turn and saw Yellow 1 on the tail of one.W.Now if you have a Mac, like I do, you will need to scroll all the way down and click on the link for the detector you own, in this video I have the Passport Max, which Ill be updating.The right hand elements broke up and left toward.Innes, saw the pilot of the E/A, which I attacked, actually baling out, and it is therefore claimed as destroyed.I then saw a parachute burst open about 6,000 feet below me beside the A/C going down.I registered several cannon strikes and pieces flew off this e/a.I kept looking round every few seconds to keep a careful watch on the two E/A who were never far sex anonymous meetings portland oregon away, but suddenly I noticed that one had disappeared.
Put on more deflection, fired 2 second burst at 350 yards seeing strikes all over cockpit and fuselage.
Grundt-Spang of 331 (N) Squadron recorded in his Combat rocki whore Report for : I was Blue 3 and seeing two groups.
I half rolled down out of sun and all but one of the E/A took evasive action as I pulled in behind.Barthold of 611 Squadron recorded in his Combat Report for 9 April, 1943: 'A' Flight was ordered to patrol Dungeness - Deal.MacDonald of 403 (rcaf) Squadron recorded in his Combat Report for : I was flying Blue 1 when Red 1 turned port onto two 109s three or four minutes after the bombing.Haynes of 611 Squadron was pleased with the Spitfire LF IX's (Merlin 66) that the Squadron had received in March noting in his Combat Report for 9 April, 1943: I was flying as Blue 2 patrolling Cap Griz Nez to Boulogne.It also has a GPS chip built in which makes it very helpful around town.F.W.190s Destroyed one of which is shared with Sgt.Mehre, Wing Commander Flying of the North Weald Wing, recorded in his Combat Report for : I was leading the wing, flying with 332 (N) Sqdn.On instructions from the Squadron commander I fired a short burst from 500 yds range at the rearmost e/a.

Sognnes of 331 (N) Squadron recorded in his Combat Report for : I was flying as Yellow 1 and fired at one.W.
I thought he would pull out from this dive so I followed him down to about 6,000 feet when I saw him go straight into the sea.
As I broke away, I saw it flicking down out of control.