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It will never be known just how many Christians were slain during that awful summer.
But one most solemn event of all uplifts the sacred mountain even closer to the skies; for on some unnamed summit of the "Chieftain" the supreme Leader stood when the heavens opened for His transfiguration.
One winter I had occasion to buy, at different times, several small picture frames.Syria, tHE land, oF, lebanon, by lewis gaston leary, the Real Palestine of To-Day.Young women in hijabs stood to the left of the crowd, chanting as enthusiastically as the men, but separated from them by a rope, partly to protect them but also to allow them to escape more quickly should the security forces appear.Mediation will require the opposition and their Western and Arab League backers to drop their insistence on Assads departure before talks begin.The pasha is a thin little old man with a gray beard and shrewd, tired eyes; and, in striking contrast to his gayly caparisoned escort, he is quietly dressed in a dark business suit.The value of team-work is a comparatively new idea to western Asia and eastern Europe.For many generations the ancient city on the oasis was completely unknown to the Western world, though the wandering Bedouins delighted to talk of the marvelous ruins in the midst of the great desert.39 About the year 400.We want political, economic and diplomatic pressure on the regime to stop the violence.The security forces are liable to open fire at any sign of protest, as they did on 17 February at a mosque in Old Mezzeh, a forlorn semi-rural area of cactus hedges, vegetable fields and cheaply built concrete houses.To-day it is covered for half its length with a high, arching metal other definition of brothel roof, and contains many of the largest and most modern stores in the city.
We must acknowledge that those old Syriansif they were Syrianscould perform feats of engineering that would challenge the science of the present day.
On either side, the monotonous multitude of round black rocks strew the brown, burnt earth.
Midway between Ain el-Beida and Palmyra, we made a détour to visit some mountains a little distance to the left of the trail.
When the evening glow falls upon them, the stone takes on a yellowish tinge and the slender shafts look like a golden grating which some old master has put between the panels of his daring picture of brazen clouds and dazzling mountaintops.Now the Abana is a roaring, foaming torrent; now it flows chill, deep and silent; but always it hurries as if it were racing with the train.The recent appointment of Kofi Annan as the special envoy for Ban Ki-moon and the Arab League was the best news Syrias silent majority has had for months.The door-posts are forty feet high, yet they are chiseled with such a delicacy that they seem almost as light as a filigree of Damascus silver-work.Into the apartments of the ladies, however, no male guest may enter.The men who built the tunnels under Eastern Ghouta expected to win.It was once divided into three parallel roadways by Corinthian colonnades, some few remains of which can still be found.The fish, which are about a foot in length, are fat and bloated as a consequence of this over-feeding, and are unspeakably ugly in form and color.In the street just outside, the dogs were yelping noisily.But the chief architectural glory of ancient Palmyra was its far-famed Street of Columns.If you appear a promising customer, the merchant will set coffee before you and, while you and he are drinking together, will talk about anything under the sun except business.

In the autumn of 60, Festus the Procurator sent him to Rome under escort, where, after two years in prison, his case was dismissed.
We had planned to replenish our canteens at Ain el-Wu'ul; but the wells there proved to be choked with locusts, and at Ain el-Beida, which we reached after fourteen hours in the saddle, we found the water so strongly impregnated with sulphur that it tasted.
Suppose that the coach should indeed upsetit would be the will of Allah, and who were we to object!