According to the record of the 143rd Regiment Infantry (Ohio) in the Compendium of the War of the Rebellion, the unit.
Show me who's confused by the current useage, and why a large scale change makes it any better.
Is the copy from Dyer's book by this seemingly self published website a WP:RS?
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Anyone fancy lending a hand with the 19th century Japanese Boshin War?
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It may be counter-intuitive, but a campaignbox with just one battle in it still imparts value and unfortunately, not every campaign has an article about the campaign.In general policies around military units have favored including them as long as you have plenty of independent sources to back up the article.Adamdaley ( talk ) 06:25, (UTC) That's more of a disambiguation page.The citations contained within those sources include very little from Vietnam currently.I'm listing here a couple of problematic articles that seem to have have been used is prostitution illegal in england as POV platforms for promoting pederasty.I'd probably have assessed it the same way.Flexible Breite, bild, Symbol, Titel, Kontext, Beschreibung und CTA-Button.