escort 8500 service required

Self Cal, passport is albuquerque mugshots prostitution running a self-calibration test.
Passport has failed the calibration test.Passport feels very warm.Check that vehicle ignition.Problem, passport will not turn.Contact Escort for repair.Check that vehicle lighter socket is functional.HD, sensitivity control is in Highway mode, whore suck display is in Dark mode (page 9).Caution, passport has detected a Safety Radar Signal, but the signal isn't yet strong enough to decode the specific safety message (page 22-23).WorkZone, one of the many Safety Radar messages (pages 22-23).
Explanation of Displays, aD, sensitivity control is in Auto mode, display is in Dark mode (page 9).
Required, troubleshooting, solution, check that volume control.
It is normal for Passport to feel warm.
No display, passport is in the Dark mode, and is programmed for Dark All (page 9, 16).
X K, or, Passport has been programmed in the ExpertMeter Mode (page 10-11).PilotHWY, one of the many programming messages (pages 12-16).CD, sensitivity control is in City mode, display is in Dark mode (page 9).Try Passport in another vehicle.Passport has failed the calibration test.

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