For all men since the 1990s (as surveys on male body image have shown muscle size and tone have come to be seen as the desirable traits in the male physique.
Contradictory demands are placed on the manly porn performer: Exemplify a "hulking macho fantasy" that is hyperreal for our consumption, but at the same time suffer the laments of those who bemoan the extent of steroid abuse in the industry.
And then, a few years ago, he tested positive for.I.V.
Musculature is indicative of not only health but power and possibility, a potent symbolism embraced by gay men after their identity had been so fundamentally linked to a debilitating, emasculating disease.The litany of woes that produced the porn performer are thrown out casually in the obituary, as if we all already carla 30 escort knew them: divorced parents, lack of a college education, stripping.A good example of the issues can be found in the June 20 blog post by Zach June at the gay porn blog m (site nsfw) and in the comments section.Rhodes was hired along with another escort to perform for a wealthy client (according to text messages later read by his brother the two men continued the evening on their own, having sex and doing drugs.It is because of his 6-foot-4-inch, 258-pound frame that he was famous; this bodily information is given to the reader early on in the article.From m June 15, 2012 Posthumous HIV Disclosure Stirs Debate from POZ magazine June 22, 2012 a b 1 Archived July 1, 2008, at the Wayback Machine.If Colt had said Rhodes had hepatitis C, how would we have felt?Rhodes squarely within the morality play of modern gay males as they undergo their rightward-glancing sanitization: "You should have learned your lesson.".
Erik Rhodes was more than 258 pounds of muscle: A portion of that body weight was brain and heart.
There are HIV-positive actors working steadily in gay porn without ever transmitting the virus to scene partners.
And here are some of the scores of comments: I dont know why Samuel included his HIV status in there.
Marc Jacobs is so fucking lucky.While many roll their eyes at porn actors, without an delhi gb road prostitution audience they wouldnt exist.Rhodes, whose given name was James Naughtin, was signed to Falcon Video in 2004, and became one of a handful of recognizable faces in an era when the industry was going through a painful economic contraction, thanks to online file sharing and free pornography sites.Rhodes on-screen and was a friend for the last several years of his life.No Ads, exclusive Content.From Gawker February 11, 2008 An Early Death but Perhaps Not a Surprise from The New York Times June 20, 2012 Moloney Funeral Home: James Naughtin Archived June 20, 2012, at the Wayback Machine.Marc Jacobs' Porn Star Pal Needs To Shut Up Archived January 25, 2013, at the Wayback Machine.

They said, Your test results came back, and youre.I.V.
As a gay man with HIV, my first reaction when I read the NYT article was discomfort.