Meaningful Name : Not only is third wave feminism and prostitution Olive an anagram of "I Love" (which she does explicity spell out in one scene her whole name is an anagram of "I Love Pretend Shag".
Lampshaded when she asks if she's in trouble since she's never worn skirts that are too short.
Rhiannon's parents, way past the point of being creepy.
Olive: If hes latina escort boston so smart, why is your boyfriend 22 years old and still in high school?Olive : Bye now.Did you hear that Brandon ran away from home?Griffith: Im hearing things.Mascot : Woodchuck Todd, formerly known as Blue Devil Todd (the school mascot was changed after protests from the Christian group, who claimed the mascot depicted their school as devil worshipers).Olive : You think I'm cool?
Are you really that repulsed by lady parts?
Olive : I don't.
Taglines edit LET'S NOT AND SAY WE DID.
Olive: The rumors are true."I'm gay, bitches!" This Is Reality : Olive frequently remarks about how certain things only happen in movies or books."Goddamn shit!" Comically Missing the Point : Some of the people watching Olive's webcast do not seem to understand, even at the end, that she is not going to be taking off her clothes.The Fundamentalist : Marianne.In costa rica male prostitution the end, she concludes that her sex life is none of anyone else's damn business, apart from the guy who might be involved.Adults Are Useless : Most of the adults in the movie are either a direct part of Olive's problems or make no attempt to intervene.Rosemary: Whats going on, honey?