Etymology 2 An abbreviation of brothel-house, ultimately from Old English, see above.
Detective Sergeant Willie Byrne said gardaí had been carrying out surveillance on the apartment over the last number of weeks.At a special sitting of Galway District Court this afternoon, gardaí outlined how they believed the four had been trafficked into Ireland by a criminal gang.Statistics * 1000 English basic words English nouns with irregular plurals English words with multiple plurals - English ( wikipedia brothel ) Etymology 1 From ( etyl ) brothel, brodel, brodelle.He told the judge it was his belief the women were "under the control of Dublin or Belfast-based pimps.".He gave evidence that gardaí did not know how long the women were in Ireland but they had been in Mayo last week and after spending a week in Galway, it was their intention to go to Wexford next week.Top Videos, umpire gets out of chair and asks tennis tijuana prostitutes player to try at US Open.
Cooley said: The King of England closed down the House of Commons and House of Lords in Ireland during the time paige taylor escort when politicians were spending too much time in the brothels.
Synonyms * academy * bawdy-house * bordello * cathouse * crib * escort agency * house of ill fame * house of ill reputation * house of ill repute * knocking shop * leaping house * lupanar * massage parlour * nunnery * pushing school.
Listening here was as pleasant as talking; just to watch was pleasant.Four women have been fined 200 each after being arrested in a brothel in Galway over the weekend.Noun ( en noun ) A wretch; a depraved person; a lewd man or woman.Advertisement, advertisement, what's trending now, more trending stories schools in San Francisco on lockdown after student fires gun in bathroom.It is, however, still very common when meaning members of a religious order.Theresa May goes dancing in Kenya this time.