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To gain entrance to the bunker, Senior Paladin Ramos, the head of the security, will strip the Courier of all their belongings and will closely escort them to meet Elder McNamara.
Francis Xavier (Xaverian Brothers) CIO -Congress of Industrial Organizations CMH -Congressional Medal of Honor CQK -Conjunctuur CTE -Connected Terminal Equipment CMX -Connected-Moments eXpansion CLL -ConnectionLess Layer CCH -Connections per Circuit Hour CJY -Conrail Jackson Yard CLZ -Conservation Lower Zambesi CMC -Conservation Monitoring Centre CYH -Consider.
Quest stages Edit Stage Status Description 1 (Optional) Bring ED-E to the Gibson Scrapyard in antioch escorts Novac.Talking to Ignacio Rivas about archimedes can activate both logs in the same playthrough (although not simultaneously).QSZ -radio code: Shall I send every word multiple times?THX -thanks TNX -thanks TFN -Thanks For Nothing TIA -thanks in advance AJN -The American Journal of Nursing ARX -the ARX is a great stone book in the state of Ladonia TCC -The Children's Channel EZS -The Easy (EZ) Stuff SQQ -The following page(s) (Latin.Audio log 1 Edit To trigger the first message, talk to any one of the following: Old Lady Gibson at the Gibson scrap yard.13 There was a password on one of the Brotherhood corpses.Thomas Hildern, director of the OSI at Camp McCarran.1 scrap electronics, 3 scrap metals, and 2 sensor modules.Hamel et Associes, Inc.Contents show, the robot, eD-E lies deactivated and in need of repair.Many individuals on the following lists can be spoken to in order to trigger either audio log 1.
QRV -radio code: Are you ready?
QRQ -radio code: Shall I send faster?
Johnson Nash, eD-E My Love is a companion quest in, fallout: New Vegas.
DCK -Device Configuration Kit DDI -Device Dependent Interface DUT -Device Under Test DUS -Device Unified Services DEX -dexterity DXM -Dextromethorphan DXO -Dextrorphan DEZ -Dezember DHU -Dhurga DKA -Diabetes Ketoacidosis DKQ -Diabetes Knowledge Questionnaire DVN -Diabetesvereniging Nederland DYF -Diabetic Youth Foundation DXR -Diagnostic law on prostitution in ireland Reasoning DAZ -Dial.
If Lorenzo has already been killed as a result.
Note that ED-E can be repaired before or after talking to Nash.
CFA -Canadian Field Artillery CFL -Canadian Football League CGQ -Canadian Guitar Quartet CJS -Canadian Joint Staff CJX -Canadian Jorex CJC -Canadian Journal of Communication CKC -Canadian Kennel Club CKA -Canadian Killifish Association CMA -Canadian Medical Association CMQ -Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly CNE -Canadian National Exhibition CNQ.Internet Life YIM -Youth In Ministry YIN -Youth Intervention Network YIO -Youth Involvement Ontario YIP -Young Inventors Program YIQ -Youth Interplay Queensland YIR -Year In Review YIS -whY am I so Stupid?WYR -Whats Your Reaction?Alternatively, the tasks above will not need to be done if access to the bunker has already been gained before this quest, or if Veronica is a companion.The choice of which group will determine ED-E's upgrade as compensation for the research data it is carrying.Hawkins (American singer) SRY -Sorry SNX -Sorting Nexin SZI -Soul of Zero Intelligence SOX -SOund eXchange SPL -Sound Pressure Level SOU -Source Operable Unit STH -South QYJ -South Brunswick (New Jersey) Public Library SCP -South Celestial Pole SSE -South South-East SSW -South South-West SUO -Southampton.Kallenburger JHF -John Hancock Financial Services JKV -John Knox Village JLF -"John Lemmon Films, Inc.

Trigger ED-E's first audio log by setting off a specific trigger.
Damage sustained by ED-E over time has made accessing the data difficult.