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The National Party won 134 seats in the general election, the highest proportion ever gained by one party in South Africa.
Modifications to Normandy landing HQ ships edit HMS Dacres, an Evarts -subclass ship converted to act as a headquarters ship for the Normandy landings; note the additional smaller mainmast pboro escorts to support the extra aerials.
21 April, The Prime Minister refers to the Chief Minister of Transkeis demands of 13 April and points out that Defence could not be transferred as it would mean changing the Constitution of the Transkei Act of 1963.
The police change tactics and start going into schools to seek confrontation and to break the youths spirit.A policy of external dialogue is to be pursued.11 May, Eleven Soweto school pupil phoenix female escorts leaders are convicted of sedition and sentenced in Johannesburg to terms of imprisonment, most of which are suspended, since the accused have already been held for long periods.15 August, Several pamphlet bombs, scattering ANC pamphlets, explode in a number of cities.This prompts reserved acknowledgment from industry, and attracts worldwide publicity.US Navy destroyer escort ships.The Minister of Information,.
Bickerton Torpedoed by U-354 during Operation Goodwood in the Barents Sea; in position 7242N 1911E /.700N.183E /.700;.183 (Bickerton sunk) seriously damaged and ship abandoned, sunk by own forces.
July - September, Homeland leaders Chief Buthelezi, Professor Ntsanwisi, and.
The National Party loses its Edenvale, Johannesburg seat to the PFP, its first by-election defeat since it came to power in 1948.26 September, The United Nations General Assemblys Political Committee decides to grant observer status to the ANC and the PAC.Serious fighting and rioting break out in the Cape Town townships of Guguletu, Nyanga and Langa, peak periods being the first week and Christmas weekend.The South African arms question is discussed in a closed session of the Singapore Commonwealth Conference.16 November, Signs amendments to the Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961.7 August, The Prime Minister,.W.KwaZulu: Financial Regulations for Tribal and Community Authorities Act No 7: Commission of Inquiry into Labour Legislation Mandate: To inquire into, report on and make recommendations in connection with the following matters: a)Industrial Conciliation Act, 1956 b)Bantu Labour Relations Regulation Act, 1953 c)Wage Act, 1957.The Meadowlands Tswana School Board meets with the local inspector of the Bantu Education Department to discuss the conflict that has been escalating in Soweto schools since the beginning of the school year.26 February, The Bantu Homelands Citizenship Bill is passed, whereby every African is issued with a certificate of citizenship of his respective homeland.October, The South African government bans 17 organisations and some newspapers.World and Weekend World, black newspapers, were banned.