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Phillips, Tom (May 1, 2013).
Whole sections of streets are given over to the streetwalkers for the plying big cock escort london of their profession. .Its a bit condescending but still gives us a good idea of what the Bowery looked like in 1896: It is a center for saloons of every order, from gin-palaces to bucket-shops; theatres, concert-halls, free-and-easys, and dime museums abound, all of them profusely ornamented with.At that time, Broadway was the center of city life. .At night, theaters, shows, and every kind of amusement were on hand. .(reputation for being "wide open with gambling and a well-developed "red light district.
Privacy was just not something that many people living in Five Points could enjoy.
Consumption and even excessive organized crime and gang activity.
In addition to the potential monetary benefits, working as a prostitute could be fun.
The shooting galleries are no less crowded, brilliantly lighted, and often open to the sidewalk, gaudily painted figures serving as targets, and every inducement being offered the passer-by to try his skill.Some women live in brothels, only leaving when their pimps move them to a new location.Women who even acted a certain way could be a prostitute.Photo Credit: Ged Carroll, Flickr CC_BY Sarah : Heres a description of Bleeker Street from the late 1880s: Both sides were filled with dance halls, saloons and sporting houses.Retrieved 10 February 2018.Retrieved February 7, 2014.A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r "Sin City Adult Playgrounds Around the World".Hills was different from many concert saloons because he demanded an air of respectability, demanding that patrons avoid bad behavior and poor dress and that prostitutes and women of doubtful character refrain from boisterous behavior. .

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Alternatively, fancy men like the Broadway dandy reveled mostly in leisure and sexual pleasures as opposed to blood sport. .