I'm currently ironing out major paintings of prostitutes 18th century landmarks around the cities, like street names, taverns and inns, and brothels.
Anyway, the story takes place in a slum in the capital city, Pryden.
I have names for all of the above except for the brothels.
Does anyone have any ideas for what to name one?I'm in the process of creating a world loosely based on Medieval Europe, with the difference being that people know the benefits of washing.Vintage Retro, fantasies such as, torture Chamber, Girls with Swords, Nude Elves, Erotic Fairy Tales.Girls of Thrones feat.Middle Ages Whores: naked-princess 15 Medieval Prostitutes and more like Bare Maidens, Game of Thrones Whores, Naked Fantasy Girls and.I'd rather not have any major innuendo, just a bit of subtle hinting.Login or register to post comments.#359 : carmarthen escorts Mongoose : (view all by) : November 15, 2013, 02:47 PM : vans @ 333: you have made this mongoose very, very happy.
#407 : Benjamin Wolfe : (view all by) : November 16, 2013, 11:27 PM : As an entirely random aside, hearing about Alex the African Grey reminds me that he startled the hell out of me about a decade ago - I was a high.
#377 russian escort manila : Dave Harmon : (view all by) : November 16, 2013, 07:33 AM : Mongoose #376: My understanding it that humans' big hunting talent wasn't tracking so much as running prey down on the chase.
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