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Another patient of Medium João is Howard Toose, a former asian mystique escort Telstra supervisor who suffered a grave spinal injury in 2006.
Like Ms Jones, he got word of João, and decided to travel to the healer's town in hope of alleviating the constant pain.'The pain was so bad I could hardly cope with light or noise - I was hardly ever sleeping from the pain.'.Here, you can expect to get beauty with brains.'I've never been back to the doctors' said Toose.'I met with a leade who escorted me to his clinic, 'The Casa'.
Influential television host, Oprah Winfrey, vouched for João's spiritual healing powers, after visiting him in 2010, where she nearly fainted during the 'blissful' encounter.
In those days there was almost no information about him, but eventually I discovered his name and where he operates.'.
João claims he is merely a medium, who prays to god to incorporate the spirits that can heal those in need.
The following day, João performed a 'visible surgery' on Ms Jones in hopes of curing her of the disease 'He placed a long pair of forceps inside my nose and started sort of moving them around.
See whos around the corner.
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