"She's 85 and really old school, she doesn't like it but she knows how much we've done how does it feel like having sex first time to be safe so she comes to the business and drops off food because I'm her baby.
From the duress alarms in every room to the constant security monitoring, concern for employee safety is priority at the brothel."The only trouble I've had lately was a pretend customer who was trying to push drugs on the girls so they told me and we barred him straight away.".Women choose sex work for range of reasons, according to Ruby.Local councils and police can, and do, inspect registered sex parlours annually for which Ruby pays 400 for the privilege.Ruby offers to pay him but he waves her away."In these illegal brothels anything could happen and what assurance have these girls that shemale escort seoul they'll be safe?"."We're one of the few parlours around that provide everything a girl needs to work, dental dams, condoms, everything, she just needs to bring herself and her clothes and that's it Ruby says."We've never had to use it yet but in this industry you never know laughs Ruby.It's a decent amount of money for not a great deal of time she says.Given the 24 years Ruby has owned the Wollongong CBD sex parlour, she has had a surprising lack of bad experiences.Modifications like disabled ramps, extra bathrooms, back to base security monitoring and hard wired doorbells are demanded by local council legislation for the business to retain its legitimate status.
A middle-aged woman offers me a cup of tea.
"Our girls have sexual health checks every three months, we have nurses from the health clinic in Shellharbour come.".
Air conditioning and security entry - Lift access to secure parking - Formal entry and study area.
Skip to Main Content.12/14-18 Auburn Street Wollongong, brand New CBD Apartment, with a generous floor plan and an abundance of natural light, this brand new property is very well-presented and ready to enjoy the convenience of mid-city apartment living.
Approved brothels are subject to the same unsexy (but necessary) Workcover, taxation and superannuation regulations as any other workplace.
"My dad trims the hedges at the front of the business, it's not a family affair but like all parents they help when they can." Now pregnant with her second child Ruby has scaled back her schedule at the brothel.
"Christmas time is the most popular because men have an excuse to get out of the house but school holidays affect us because the kids are at home." When I ask her if it was true that young busty blondes do the best with customers."I just want the girls to feel safe he says.According to Ruby the biggest threat to her business is the humble local council inspector.Ruby's foray into the sex industry came early."We even had one girl help me put a floor in one Easter weekend, they're lovely and I get upset when people don't realise they're smart, normal women."."Most places will go anywhere: private homes, even workplaces."Customers don't want anything more then to come and get a massage or a service and leave that behind so it doesn't affect their married life.Ruby asserts that her business is free from issues stereotypically associated with sex work: violent customers, drug addiction and organised crime."My mum always asks me: 'When are you going to sell that business and be normal?' and I say: 'Mum I am normal!Clients can choose from a two-page menu including: "Heidi.18 years old with long platinum hair and a very busty F cup "Candy - a mature lady with shoulder-length brown hair and "Lavender - the sweet girl next door".

I'm told he's one the business' most loyal customers since his first visit at 18 and is now married with kids.
"Clients come in and see nice girls because we only have nice girls and say to us: 'What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?' "It's the oldest line in the book and they still use it because they're shocked normal.
We bump into a customer on my way out who confuses me with a new employee and after an awkward correction he shakes my hand and introduces himself as Tim.