decriminalisation in New South Wales).
Other attempts were the Penitent's Homes and Magdalen Asylums as rescue missions.Retrieved "Criminal Law Amendment (Simple Offences) Bill 2004" (PDF).Australian Institute of Criminology.Decriminalisation edit In the 1970s an active debate about the need for liberalisation appeared, spearheaded by feminists and libertarians, culminating under the Wran ALP government in the Prostitution Act 1979.This resulted in Darlinghurst street workers relocating (Perkins 1991).The recommendations to allow brothels to operate legally under regulation tried to avoid some of the issues that arose in New South Wales in 1979.Department of Business: Escort Agency Licensing Archived 7 February 2013 at the Wayback Machine.Check Accept cookies from sites, check Accept third party cookies, select Keep until: they expire.Retrieved 24 February 2016.All other forms of sex work remain illegal, including more than one worker sharing a premise, street prostitution, unlicensed brothels or massage parlours used for sex work, and outcalls from licensed brothels.Ian Henschke (1 November 2010).
Prior, Jason; Crofts, Penny.
148 Furthermore, according to Sullivan and Jeffries: The legislation was designed to control the expansion of the sex industry, but instead, a "massive expansion" consequently occurred.
The Act that was passed consolidated and clarified the existing law in relation to sex work by providing that it was legal to be a sex worker and provide sexual services but that it was illegal for a person to employ or otherwise control.
43 It stated that the purpose was three-fold, the protection of residential amenity; protection of sex workers and safeguarding public health (Maginn 2013).In the case of an escort agency, clients phone the agency and arrange for a sex worker to come to their homes or motels.In an attempt to produce some law and order the Vagrancy Act 1824 was introduced.177 His critics stated that Porter "would accommodate the market demand for prostitution by setting up a system of licensed brothels in certain non-residential areas" and that people "should accept that prostitution will occur and legalise the trade, because we can never suppress it entirely".Legalising prostitution is not the answer: the example of Victoria, Australia (pdf)."Women are worth more".Sister Wives, Surrogates and Sex Workers: Outlaws by Choice?Retrieved b c d e f Jeffreys, Sheila ; Sullivan, Mary (2001).Retrieved elena jeffreys 04:00 AM The Canberra Times.Retrieved "Home - Sex Workers Outreach Project"."Submission of Scarlet a level escort definition Alliance ".ABC 1 November 2010".

Once the Commonwealth took over the territory from South Australia in 1911, it saw its role as protecting the indigenous population, and there was considerable debate about employment standards and the practice of 'consorting'.
Of 157 licensed prostitution service providers (i.e.