195 Mick An Irishman (derogatory).
Worthless or thailand high class escorts insignificant person.
88 cock-up as a noun or verb, blunder, mess up or botch.154 (from "handbags at dawn" an allusion to duelling) hard cheese Bad luck.229 Paki Black High quality Hashish from Pakistan.181 knobhead a stupid, irritating person.Prison sentence (From the rhyming slang: Bird lime) 42 Birmingham screwdriver A hammer.Corker Someone or something outstanding.Promiscuous woman or prostitute.
257 Popularised during the early rave era.
Citation needed nut.
Is often said as a cry of frustration or annoyance.
1968) escort in ventura Presenters: Tam Cowan, Stuart Cosgrove (18 February 2012).
94 cor blimey An exclamation of surprise.
A loose woman, someone with whom it is easy to have sexual intercourse, an easy lay.222 O edit odds and sods Substitute for 'odds and ends'.208 mufti Civilian dress worn by someone who normally wears a military uniform.Eric Partridge published several works about British slang, most notably.93 copper A policeman.Health or condition, "to be in good sex finder app free download nick" citation needed nicked Arrested or stolen.Diarrhoea or painful defecation.