Often, you'll do well dead bird and whore of babylon to "people watch" before selecting. .
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Come to Tijuana, Baja California and make reality out of your fantasies!All Mexican girls dress sexy. .You'll be unhappy if you want and pay extra for an hour, only to have some irate Mexican hotel employee banging on your door after 30 minutes telling you to get out.Also find out how long you'll have the hotel. .It's raw, down and dirty sex. .
Many have a normal charge for times ranging from 15 to 30 minutes. .
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Most of the girls speak a little English, but it's nice to know a few terms.Have Fun - If you're into happiness with your sex, find a girl with a smile on her face and a Good Vibe.(If you want anal, for example, don't wait until you're in the room to talk about.) Find out if she has a condom. .Stay aware of your surroundings, and anyone taking an unusual interest in you. .Sores on the mouth - They're not cold sores. .If you're not experienced at picking up street hookers in Mexico, here's a little common sense advice.You can have a woman, a man or something in between. .The reported prices for street girls are between 25 and 120 USD, hotel extra. .Keep in mind that the price for the best girls in the clubs comes to 80 at most. .We are the Ones that can fulfill all your fantasies Tell us yours and we'll bring it alive.Condon" in Spanish.) If you can, buy your own condoms in the.S. .Always find out how long your have once you're in the room. .

Don't drink too much, and never buy or use drugs in The Zone, or anywhere else in Mexico. .