98 escort zx2 ccrm

The ac relay is a relay inside the ccrm.
Ford Escort/Mondeo.8D/TD 93-00, Citroen.3 91 DY5PK875_ Dayco 5PK875 Dayco Ford Escort, Toyota Quick Delivery, Toyota Sprinter Trueno.Follow the line that goes to what looks like a big tire valve fitting and you have found the fill port.I don't know about the 1999, but on my 2002 it is located just below the air-intake filter casing.It's expensive 135 but you can get one at the salvage for about.Nthere is a relay box under the hood on the right hand side.You should be able to get one for 20 at the salvage if you go out there and get it yourself.Shorting the sensor (the typical test for a switch) is bad news, and can cause damage to ccrm or ECU.
There is a modual called the ccrm with a harness coming out of it disconnect the modual.
The airconditioning relay is in the ccrm.
Its bolted up under the dash on on top of the fuse box you can't miss the wires going into the red relay housings.
Chris (aka- Moose technician, vocational, Technical or Trade School 29,223 satisfied customers, ford Windstar van: My wife has a 95 Ford Windstar van that.Looks like the fuse panel, but holds your relays and large amperage fuses.So far, i have evacuated the system and replaced the accumulator (it had rusted throu read more.thermostat next to and slitely twards the fire wall (back of car) the ign.Compartment ( half size relay ) - also in PD BOX - fuse # 13 - 15 amp for A/C clutch.(took mine apart and the solder looks OK) -White wir read more.A prostitutes in bangalore quora 97 to 02 ccrm will fit a 1998.N Control relay mod.If you don't have one copy paste this link.Check in the fuse box or underneath the dash Turn Signal Flasher Location Front seating area, driver side, under dash, above prostitutes bradenton florida kick panel, mounted on upper firewall.The problem with this relay is that the solder joint for the A/C clutch cracks out.

Has a bunch of wires going into.
Ask a mechanic for answers asap.